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Great outdoor shoes should be solid and tough, yet comfortable. This is what the Oboz sawtooth mid offers you. If you are hiker, having this pair of boots should be an essential part of your gear. As you will find out in this article, there are so many advantages that come with Oboz sawtooth mid.

When going for long hikes, you want a pair of boots that will keep your feet dry and comfortable yet still have breathability. This rare combination of breathability and waterproofing is among the key features that make the Oboz sawtooth mid a favorite among hikers. These features mean that the shoes are all-weather and can also be used in different terrains.

Oboz Sawtooth Mid Overview

The Oboz sawtooth mid is a solid boot with waterproofing capabilities and great traction. This combination makes the boot an ideal choice for long hikes in any type of terrain and in both wet and dry conditions.


The boots are manufactured by Oboz, a company that specializes in making men and women’s hiking shoes, hiking boots, sandals, and similar products. Selling at around $150 on Amazon, this pair will give you value for your money. The boots are comfortable out of the box and will keep you comfortable even after 10 hours in the woods. The company—Oboz—plants a tree for every pair of shoe they sell. This is an initiative in partnership with Trees for the Future.

Hiking Shoes

Before we dive in to a review of the Oboz sawtooth mid, it is important to understand that these are not just ordinary boots or shoes—they are hiking shoes. Although you can also wear the shoes elsewhere, they are specifically designed for hiking. Hiking boots have different designs and components that go into their uppers, midsoles, outsoles, and lowers compared to other types of shoes.

What To Look For In Hiking Boots

In order to tell if the Oboz sawtooth mid will be a great fit for your hiking adventures, you must first know the ideal features of a good hiking boots and review these Oboz boots based on these features. A good pair of hiking boots should be designed to be comfortable. Often, hikers go through rough terrain  and need shoes that cushion their feet from possible injuries.

The second important feature to look out for is whether the hiking boots are waterproof or not. If they are not, then you can only hike on specific dry areas and in specific seasons. Even with the knowledge of the day’s weather, you never know if it will start raining midway before you reach your destination. Once the water gets into your feet and they become soaked, you’ll have a difficult time moving comfortably. The preferred choice, therefore, are waterproof hiking boots that keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Once you have ticked all the comfort and waterproof features of the hiking boots, you can now start look for other features that include durability and breathability. Hiking shoes that have all the four important features are suitable for hiking.

Oboz Sawtooth Mid Review

This review looks at the key features that make the Oboz sawtooth mid stand out among the many brands of hiking boots available in the market. We also look at the comfort, durability, uppers, and soles of this great pair of hiking boots.

Design and Features

These boots are designed to be comfortable on rough terrain and waterproof for wet surfaces. The shoes are available in sizes 8 to 14 and in half sizes from 8 to 11. There are also sizes 6 to 11 for women. However, there are only two colors to choose from: olive and umber.

These are over-the-ankle hiking boots with a nice lace design. In addition to the leather on the uppers, there is also a nylon mesh to provide breathability. Also, it has dual-density EVA foam midsole.

The shoe weighs around 575g. As such, they are not the lightest shoes in the range of hiking boots, but also not extremely heavy. Considering the ruggedness, they are quite light. Overall, the shoes are classified as mid-weight.


The nylon mesh and Nubuck leather upper make these boots very comfortable. You can adjust the lacing to achieve the best comfort levels for your feet. The boots have great arch support and you’ll remain comfortable throughout your hiking.


There is a wide variety of sizes, and you can definitely get your right fit. Correct lacing also goes a long way in ensuring the boots fit right.


The Oboz sawtooth mid have a durable construction with quality materials that aim to make the boots waterproof. This waterproof feature and the materials make these boots the most durable hiking boots you’ll find—tried and tested. The rubber toe rands further enhance the durability of these boots. In addition, the outsole has an aggressive tread, which makes the boots tough on rough terrains. The boots are sturdy and will last for miles.


The uppers are comprised of nylon mesh and Nubuck leather. This means the boots are comfortable and have breathability. The uppers are also waterproof and the hardy laces never come undone until you want them to.


The sole comprises sawtooth rubber. All aspects of the shoes manufactured by Oboz are constructed in-house, including the custom sawtooth rubber sole.

Oboz Sawtooth Mid Advantages & Disadvantages

Now on to the good and the bad of these boots. We start with the advantages, telling you why this pair of boots is a great investment for your adventures.


These boots are waterproof. If your hikes or walks involve crossing through wet areas, you are guaranteed that your feet will remain dry. Not even a drop of water will get through to your socks. However, don’t actually try to go wading in them. They aren’t that waterproof.

The Oboz sawtooth mid also offers great support to the ankles. This comes in handy, especially when cruising through rough terrains. Imagine hitting a small rock when walking and the pressure and pain your ankles are likely to take. With this pair of boots, the harm to the ankles is minimized. You never have to worry about taking a few bad steps.

These boots also take good care of your underfoot. The cushioning ensures that even when you are pounding on a dirty trail, your feet are well-protected.

The boots also have very good traction. Whether you are on dry or wet surfaces, trust these boots to secure you on the ground. The grip is solid. These boots also take good care of your underfoot. The cushioning ensures that even when you are pounding on a dirty trail, your feet are well-protected.

A final key advantage is the price of this pair of boots, especially when you compare it with the quality. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you know that despite their great reputation as makers of quality hiking boots, Oboz do not inflate their prices. Looking at the design, durability, comfort, waterproofing capability, and overall features of the shoes, $150 is a fair price. Importantly, the boots are built to last.


We only came up with one disadvantage of these boots: they are not ideal for heavy backpacks. If you plan on a hike with a heavy backpack, you may have to use other alternatives. The Oboz sawtooth mid are great with a light backpack, however. If you are not hiking lightweight and have to use these boots, you may try modifying them by replacing the insoles. Consider insoles that suit your arch type.

The Experience

man stand at the peak

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So what is it like to hike with these pair of boots? The review and advantages show that these shoes have the ideal features required for a perfect hiking experience, and many hikers have praised the boots for their amazing capabilities. Based on the testimonies of hikers who have used the boots, we can authoritatively assure you that you will have a great time with these boots.

These boots are great for all weather conditions. In addition, even when you walk for long distances, say 10 to 12 miles, you will still be comfortable in the shoes. You can take on muddy hills, go through valleys, or climb dusty paths and the shoes will still feel great. Don’t worry about the temperatures rising or falling. Obviously, moving around creates some heat or warmth in your feet. Add to these rising temperatures and there your feet will get sweaty with normal boots. Not with the Oboz sawtooth mid. Even with the rising temperatures, your feet remain well-ventilated.

The boots have a spring that propels you forward with each step that you make. You’ll be eager to crush the miles once you put on these shoes and make the first step. If the course has water ponds or streams in between, you don’t have to take longer routes to avoid them. The boots are ankle high and waterproof, meaning you can walk through and your feet will still be dry.

Where To Buy

You can buy these boots on Amazon.

Women’s version of the shoes are also available on Amazon. The women’s shoes are made of the same materials as the men’s shoes. The women’s shoes are sold at around $150 on Amazon.

You can also buy the boots–for both men and women–directly from Oboz.


Looking at the features of the Oboz sawtooth mid, the boots are a great investment for hikers. The waterproof features and durability should especially appeal to hiking enthusiasts. In addition, the shoes are ideal for hiking in a variety of seasons. Also, they can be used by anyone regardless of their hiking experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, the Oboz sawtooth mid is a worthy investment to add to your hiking gear.