mountain bike trails

The exhilarating descents. The sometimes grueling ascents. The breathtaking views. What’s not to love on a mountain biking trail?

Mountain Biking – A Brief Overview

The first off-road bicycles were actually military equipment designed for the “Buffalo Soldiers” in the 1800s. Mountain biking as a sport started in 1900s, a century after the first mountain bikes were ridden, by cyclists for the purpose of keeping fit during the winter season. Though mountain bikes may have the same general features as other bikes, they are specially designed for rough and rugged terrains. Terrains that are usually far from civilization. And as such, mountain biking is a resilience sport. For those longer trails (some bike hiking escapades can last days) can even require carrying supplies and bike repairing knowledge.

Bike Trails – Not All “Bike Paths Near Me” Are the Same 

Bike trails, like hiking trails come in different forms, terrains, and difficulty levels. And as such, you need to know the kind of trail you can handle and enjoy.

Do your research about the trail you want to conquer before you embark on your epic journey. A good help is an app called the MTB Project. More on it later.

“I’ve found a good biking trail near me. Off I go then!” Not quite my friend. Hold your horses (or is it bikes?). You still have to get the right bike for your trail. Let’s look at some shall we?

“Ok, So Which Bike Type is Best Suited for the Bike Path Near Me?”

Before you rush off to purchase yourself a nice bike to tackle your favorite bike trail (I’m sure if you are a newbie you found it by Googling “bike riding trails near me”), be sure to understand what kind of mountain bike you really need. Key determinants are:

  • Riding style. Where and how are you going to ride the bike.
  • Features. What kind of frame, suspension, gears, and brakes do you need.

Once you have cleared that hurdle, below are a few common ones for you to consider.

Trail Bikes

This is the most common type of mountain bike as it has no specific category and can go on most any trail. If your mountain biking adventures are more for leisure than competition, this is the bike to go for.

Fat Bikes

These are especially good for beginners. Featuring wheels 3.7 inches (and more) wide, these have excellent traction for rough terrain of all sorts.

Downhill Bikes

As the name suggests, these are built to go in one direction and only one – down. If you don’t mind hiking to the top of the mountain. If you love the exhilarating ride downhill enough to sacrifice walking up (don’t worry, in many cases you can find a lift up), this is the bike you need to get.

Cross-Country (XC) Bikes

For that extra “oomph” in speed, go for a cross-country bike. Designed with endurance, efficiency and pedal performance in mind, they make mountain climbing a piece of cake. Not really though.

All-Mountain Bikes

The all-mountain bike is a brawnier and more robust version of the trail bike. It’s more popular with those who prioritize the descent over the climb. Unlike the downhill bike, this bike can be pedaled anywhere.

The MTB Project – Helping You Answer The Question “Where Can I Find Bike Trails Near Me?”

The MTB Project is an app with information of 86 000 miles of hiking trails all over the world. Apart from trails, the MTB Project shows:

  • The trail conditions,
  • Other hikers reviews of the trail
  • Directions to and along the trail

Incorporating maps, pictures and comments from other trail users, it truly makes hiking easier, safer, and more fun.

“Mtb trails near me?” Download the MTB Project app, find a good trail, and get going.

Gear Up – The Best Emergency Equipment to Carry On a Biking Trail

Two Spare Tubes, Patch Kit, and Tire Pump

Punctures are common on mountain trails. They may not happen on every hike but when they do, you will be glad to have a spare tube or 2 at hand.


Never go on a biking trail without a multi-tool. As the name suggests, it can help you in repairing just about anything on your bike.

Chain Lube

This will come in handy when you have to cross some streams or are caught in the rain.

Shock Pump

For those rare moments when your suspension develops a leak, or just to fine tune tune it when needed.

Repair Kit

This should include every possible part that can get damaged on your bike like a spare spoke (with nipple), chain-ring bolt, master link, universal derailleur hanger, etcetera.

First Aid Kit

Not only do you need to be prepared to repair your bike in case of a breakdown, you also need to prepare to repair your body.

Your Next Hiking Trail Awaits

Whether you are going on your first biking trip or you are a seasoned veteran, there are many trails waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Mount up!

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