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If you’re about to head out on a primitive camping experience, taking the rustic approach by living on only the most basic of survival and camping gear items, we bow down to you. Honestly, you’re an animal – and we love it!

However, most adults who don’t have a unique instinctive tendency to roll around in the muck for days on end, tend to appreciate high-quality camping gear, gadgets, and hacks a bit more.

​Actually, for a lot of adults, getting a new camping list of gadgets and gear can almost be as exciting as the whole camping ordeal itself.

These days, camping gear stores provide almost everything you can think of. We’re talking outdoor showers, electricity, king-sized comfortable beds, and espresso makers.

These items are the love children of two specific shifts in modern mankind:
  1. The sudden surge in camping popularity
  2. Humans’ increase in need for comfort, or in other words, our slow demise to becoming “soft” creatures

I mean, a tree bed does sound pretty cool and espressos are always appreciated, especially after a few too many beers around the campfire the night before. On top of these campsite comforts, there’s also many different types of camping gadgets that allow you to stay glued to your phone while “camping”.

However, the more junk and gadgets you bring with you to the great outdoors usually taint the overall rejuvenating experience – and can make leaving that much more difficult. While you don’t need a suitcase of wires and devices to enjoy your time, there are a few items that can make your camping experience a bit smoother.

Keep it Simple

Yes, it’s totally easy to get carried away with the surplus of adventure gear at the outdoor equipment shops, however the key to camping truly is keeping it simple. And since these are modern days, simplicity doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the cool factor.

By following this how-to list along with going through your own trial-and-error experience, narrowing down and adding to your list of what you need, you’ll become a camping pro in no time.

We’ve started with a general checklist and then included a top 20 list of camping gear we love to help you embrace the great outdoors with confidence, security, and hopefully less iPhone accessories. This is useful for the beginner and professional campers alike. 

Our Recommended Camping Gear Must-Haves


Item Name



BioLite Wood Burning CampStove
BioLite Wood Burning CampStove as one of the essential camping gear
X-Set 33 (Pan and Kettle)
X-Set 33 (Pan and Kettle) as one of the essential camping gear
Onja Stove
Onja Stove as one of the essential camping gear
Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF
Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF as one of the essential camping gear

Item Name



Heimplanet Cave
Heimplanet Cave as one of the essential camping gear
Tentstile Flite Tent
Tentstile Flite Tent as one of the essential camping gear
Sea to Summit Spark SP3
Sea to Summit Spark SP3 as one of the essential camping gear
Zero Breeze AC
Zero Breeze AC as one of the essential camping gear

Item Name



Anker PowerPort Solar
Anker PowerPort Solar as one of the essential camping gear
Outdoor Camping Solar Spark Lighter Fire Emergency Fire Travel Kits as one of the essential camping gear
Scrubba Wash Bag
Scrubba Wash Bag as one of the essential camping gear
Helinox Chair Two
Helinox Chair Two as one of the essential camping gear
Leatherman Tread
Leatherman Tread Bracelet as one of the essential camping gear
Victorinox Expedition
Victorinox Traveller Lite Multi-Tool (Red) as one of the essential camping gear
Fugoo Tough
Fugoo Tough Wireless Go Anywhere Speaker as one of the essential camping gear

Your Camping Gear Basic Checklist

Camping preparation is essential for safety, comfort, and your overall level of enjoyment.By gathering supplies needed, you’ll be making a huge difference in the way you experience the outdoors.

Sure, while there are some outdoor junkies who thrive on roughing it with only a single-man tent, a can of beans and a rusty knife, we’re all different, and we all have different needs and ways of enjoying the outdoors.

That being said, we refuse to consider a portable makeup kit or extra selfie sticks “essentials.”  This checklist of essentials will include more than a rusty blade and less than forest makeup color ideas.

While your own camping gear list will differ depending on the specific type of camping activities you have planned, or the length of your stay, we tried to keep it as general and adaptable as possible.

Also, please note that you won’t need to bring all these items. Use your discretion and figure out which works best ​daypack for you and your specific camping experience.


There’s nothing like sleeping on top of your ​Bivy Bag, under the stars with a cool breeze flowing through the mosquito netting of your tent.

On the other hand, there’s nothing like trying to fall asleep with sticks and stones poking into your sides to the sounds of your friends’ snoring next to you.

To avoid the latter and create the former, we have some options for you to choose from. Feel free to mix and match.

  • Sleeping bag that’s at least 30-40 degrees F
  • Extra blankets
  • Sleeping bag liner (fleece)
  • Air pump
  • Sleeping pad or air mattress
    • ​Air mattress repair kit


Arguably the most important piece of camping gear, a good shelter will make or break your experience. Make sure it’s spacious enough so you don’t go stir crazy during a rough full-day storm, while light enough so you can transport it easily.

Also, these days, lots of tents come with quick and easy set-up methods. Spend a bit more money and get a super slick, quick opening tent so you can get back to building that campfire.

  • Quality 4 season tent
  • Tarp or ground cloth
  • Shade tarp with rope, poles and stakes
  • Extra tent stakes
  • Hammer
  • Tent entrance mat
  •  Tent brush or dust pan


Depending on who you talk to, cooking can be one of the most enjoyable parts of camping life. Cooking over a fire just seems natural, primal, and exciting.

Also, there’s tons of camping classics you can make. From banana boats to decked out fire wieners, you’ll be munching and laughing all night long.

However, before you start dreaming up of any other campfire treats, there are some camping gear cooking tools you should consider packing:

  • Cooler with ice
  • Large water jug and bucket
  • Stove with propane
  • Thermos
  • Lighter or matches
  • Firewood or fire starter and newspaper
  • Box oven
  • BBQ grill (sometimes campsites provide these, however)
  • Tablecloth
  • Plates, bowls and silverware
  • Aluminum foil
  • Measuring cups
  • Paper towels
  • Biodegradable garbage bags
  • Dish soap
  • Cooking oil
  • Spatula and larger knife
  • Frying pans and pots
  • Cutting board
  • Seasoning
  •  Potato peeler


Another make-or-break camping gear category, clothes are essential for a great camping experience. While it’s very possible to get away with only a few items, you should at least be smart about those items.

If you’re not used to camping, you’ll quickly find out just how cold it gets at night, especially after the campfire goes out.

When it comes to wilderness living, you need to make sure you’re prepared for everything and anything. And always, I mean always bring extra socks.

Keep these items in mind as well:

  • Jeans or thick pants
  • Shoes or boots
  • Birkenstocks
  • Lots of socks
  • Bandana
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Rain hat, sun hat and a warm, insulated hat
  • Underwear
  • Rain gear
  • Sleeping outfit
  • Swim suit and quick-dry towel
  •  Laundry bag

Personal Items

This list is just as important as the ones above, however, it can be adjusted and personalized a bit easier. Some of these items simply add extra comfort to your camping experience, while others are pretty essential for the overall experience.

If you can’t figure out what’s what, just bring everything, then take note of what items you actually use and which ones stayed in the car for the entire trip.

  • Towels or face cloth
  • Shower shoes (crocs are great)
  • Biodegradable body soap and shampoo
  • Hair brush or comb
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Razor
  • Toilet paper
  • Diva cup for the ladies
  • Camping shower and shower pump
  •  Personal medications

Top 20 Camping Gear List: Our Favorite Gear

Now that you know what basic camping gear is essential, it’s time to take a deeper look at what types of camping items are our personal favorites right now.

As you know, there are tons of camping items on the market – after only a few minutes of browsing the internet or a camping equipment store can become overwhelming. Check out these items we’ve provided to start.

Then, once you gain a better grasp of the brands and tools that you personally like or that have received the best reviews, you can start making your own decisions on which tools you’d like to add to your ever-growing camping gear and ​mountain ​bike ​gear supply.

​Dive in!

BioLite Wood Burning CampStove

One of the most annoying pieces of camping equipment has to be the propane cans you lug around to fire up your camping stove.

They’re awkward, flammable, and tend to take up more room than necessary. Check the gas for this awesome little stove which burns wood safely so you can enjoy hot food without relying on natural gas.

​It also comes with a thermoelectric generator for all of you who enjoy listening to music while you cook and need a little charge-up while the spaghetti sauce is cooking. This generator will charge USB devices.

X-Set 33 (Pan and Kettle)​​​While your home kitchen may rely on a number of utensils and appliances to run the show, when it comes to campsite cooking, wilderness cooks rely on a quality kettle and pan.

These items tend to be quite annoying as they clank around when they’re strapped to the outer section of your bag. However, by using items that are made from foldable silicone, you’re laughing.

With this type of setup, you’ll be able to pack more food and feel like a real outdoor chef.

Heimplanet Cave

Arguably, one of the worst parts of camping is tent setup. In fact, there are very few people on this planet who actually look respectable or attractive while putting up a tent by themselves.

Clue: The Inflatable Tent.

With The Cave, all your camping dreams come true. This tent inflates in 60 seconds and will have you sunbathing by the dock before anyone else. Just don’t forget the pump or you’ll be bunking with your snickering neighbor!

Tentstile Flite Tent

If you’re not into inflatable large camping tents, and are looking for something a bit more rustic, you may be interested in a hammock. I mean, who doesn’t love hammocks?

You can attach this hammock home to any tree trunk to lift you and your partner up off the forest floor for a cozy night’s sleep under the stars.

Lifesaver Bottle 4000UF

When you only need a bit of water, but you’re not confident if the source nearby is clean, this little camping buddy can be an actual lifesaver.

All you need to do is fill the bottle up, pump it, and then chug it down – worry-free and bacteria-free.

Anker PowerPort Solar

With this solar charger, you’ll never end up in the middle of nowhere underpowered. Anker PowePort. Solar allows you to charge your technology anywhere you go.

After you’re finished, fold it up and pack it away easily. This is extremely useful when you’re camping off the grid or spending a long-weekend at a festival in a field.


Soothe your fire starting struggles with this handy contraption. The Sunlighter uses a parabolic mirror to capture the power of the sun, giving you a boost when it comes to bushcraft basics.

Sea to Summit Spark SP3

Meet your new favorite sleeping bag: warm in the winter and cool in the summer and super light for ease of transport. Oh, and it can also fit in the palm of your hand. Through brilliant ingenuity, Sea to Summit has created the perfect sleeping bag. And we’re in love.

Scrubba Wash Bag

When it comes to most camping supplies, the simpler the better. The Scrubba is one of these perfectly simply creations: it’s a bag with little rubber noodles that help wash your clothes while in the bush.

Throw your dirty clothes inside the bag, seal it up, shake it around for three minutes, and presto – machine washer-clean clothes! With this lightweight bag, you can strut around the campsite, looking and feeling great.

Onja Stove

Kiss your ugly camp stove goodbye. This cute little Onja Stove by Primus is the perfect camp kitchen accessory. It’s sleek, easy, light to carry, and doesn’t look too flashy for a campsite.

Helinox Chair Two

What’s your ideal camping chair? An ultra light, comfortable, and portable chair is a good place to start.And that’s exactly what Helinox offers.

While there’s unfortunately no cup holder, it does come with a rocking option so you can gently rock back and forth to some Van Morrison by the campfire.

Leatherman Tread

Depending on who you talk to, one of the best and worst aspects about being in the bush is that unexpected issues tend to happen. Sometimes, these unfortunate occurrences usually require the need of a tool of some sort.

That’s why the new Leatherman wearable toolkit has created a tool wristband that holds 29 different tools, allowing you to live your best life in the bush, prepared for any issues that come your way.

Fugoo Tough

People go camping for different reasons: some enjoy the soothing abilities nature provides, others enjoy the adventure, some like fishing, while others just like a good bush party.

While these Fugoo Tough Bluetooth speakers are awesome for bush parties, they can also work great if you want to play something more relaxing while you serve up some campsite grub or while you’re chatting by the campfire.

This speaker has a 40-hour battery life, can be mounted to trees or bikes and offers an excellent sound.Better yet, this speaker can be used easily outside the bush as well.

Zero Breeze AC

With this portable air conditioner, you’ll never be overheated while sleeping again. Not only does this chill a tent to as low as 6 degrees Celsius, but it also comes equipped with a night light, a Bluetooth speaker and a USB charger. Talk about cool.

Victorinox Expedition

This multi-tool knife is everything you’ve ever needed. With 41 tools, this “knife” can handle almost any task you give it. On top of the general tools such as a SD pocket knife and bottle opener, it also comes with a digital alarm clock, a horse hoof cleaner, a thermometer, and much more. 

Before you Head out Into the Wild

Now that we’ve covered camping gear 101, it’s important to remember the trusty saying:

“Better have it and not need it then need it and not have it.”

While this saying may become a bit old after a few times bringing a trunk-load of camping gear with you every time you head out into the bush, at least you’ll slowly be able to create your own list of must-haves. 

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