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Ever wondered what the oldest work out in the world is? No? I’ll tell you anyway. Hiking.

Our ancestors were in better form (and shape) than us because they hiked a lot. Needless to say, they had no other choice. But still, they hiked, and they were in better shape.

Why My Best (And Favorite) Workout is The Hiking Trail Near Me

You are probably wondering why I started by saying hiking is the oldest work out in the world. Let me briefly reveal why a good hike is one of the best workouts you can give yourself.

Best Cardio Workout

A cardio exercise is any exercise that causes an increase in heart rate. This is good because, not only does it burn calories, it also causes an increase in oxygen supply to the body. This increase in oxygen results in an increase in metabolism and rejuvenation of cells. The overall result is stronger muscles (including the heart which is also a muscle), strong body, a well-toned body, and a happier you.

Cheaper Than a Conventional Gym

Let’s face it. Most of us are budget conscious nowadays. This is why I’m so grateful for the hiking trails near me. Hiking is a cost-effective way of keeping your body fit and your heart pumping well. The only expenses are good hiking gear and time. The trail is usually free. Unless of course, you prefer exclusive hiking trails.

Strengthens Your Bones, Muscles, and Improves Balance

A good hike works all the muscles in your body. No muscle is left unused especially if you:

  • Hike on a trail with lots of undulations. These pull and stretch nearly every muscle in your legs.
  • Use a hiking pole. Hiking with a pole works on your arm, hand and shoulder muscles as you dig the pole into the ground and use it to carry your weight and push yourself forward.
  • Add a bit of weight to your backpack. A good water bottle or several can do the job. The weighted backpack will work on your shoulder, torso, and back muscles.

The strengthened lower body muscles result in improved balance, which in turn helps you avoid the source of most injuries and bone fractures – loss of balance.

The overall workout you get from hiking not only strengthens your muscles but also improves bone strength as well. Beat osteoporosis, arthritis, and other causes of bone density loss by hitting the hiking trail close to you.

Easy Way to Lose and Maintain Weight

The best workouts for weight loss don’t necessarily need to be intense. They have to be good cardio workouts. Hiking is an excellent and effective cardio. Cardio workouts are the best for weight loss because they increase oxygen supply to the body, which in turn increases the rate at which fats get burnt down in the body.

Now you know why the hiking places near me are my favorite workouts. I hope you’re inspired to dust off your hiking shoes and take them for a spin.

Tips for Safe Hiking

Go with a Friend

One of the most important safety rules when it comes to hiking is to never go alone. Not only will your hiking buddy keep you good company, but they will help keep you safe. In case of emergency, they will get help to you speedily.

Get the Right Hiking Gear

  • Shoes. Must have sturdy, thick soles while being comfortable at the same time. The traction must be good as well.
  • Clothes. Dress in layers so as to be able to remove layers when it becomes warmer and to add layers when it cools down. Makes sure your socks are a thick pair.
  • Carry an emergency kit. This must include a portable First Aid kit.
  • Water is your best friend. Keep yourself well hydrated. Many inexperienced hikers have jeopardized their health by not carrying a good supply of water.

Know the Area

This might seem like the chicken and the egg dilemma – which came first. I mean, isn’t one of the joys of hiking the adventure of discovering new lands? Sure it is. But safety always comes first. You need to have a general overview of the trail you are planning on hitting. If it’s a local trail, simply Google “nature trails near me” and find out as much as you can about that trail. Then you can go and explores it.

Hiking with Your Dog

Hiking with man’s best friend is completely different to hiking with other people. The most important factor being that suitable hiking trails for dogs are different from what constitutes a suitable trail for humans. Doggie hiking trails need to be friendly on their soft padded paws, so avoid sharp rocks. Again, Google is your best friend here, simply Google “dog friendly hiking trails near me” and take your pick from the results.

Take a Hike Buddy, Literally

There you have it. After you Google “hiking trails near me”, get off your seat and take a hike. Enjoy the trails!

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