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Mountain biking is a great outdoor sport for people of all ages. It not only adds a little bit of difficulty and excitement to traditional biking, but it is also a fun way to see nature. Hiking and camping are great outdoor activities, but there is nothing quite as exciting as speeding down rough terrain.

What is the Best MTB Trail Near Me?

When figuring out where to bike, many people may ask, “is there any good mountain biking near me?” And, if so, where are they? Figuring out that is important, but it is only part of the equation. You also need to determine the type of biking you want to do. In this article, we will break down five kinds to help you make that decision.

1. Cross Country Biking

The most popular mountain biking trails are the ones built for cross country biking. This style involves riding on your bike for long periods of time across numerous paths. Though it doesn’t have the extreme obstacles that come with other forms, you need a good amount of endurance to do cross country. In addition, it also requires a large amount of control in order to navigate tricky off-road trails.

Most cross-country paths have long periods of both climbing and descending. There are some turns and winding areas to make the trek easier, but that does not mean it is going to be easy. Whether you are travelling down winding mud paths or over gravel roads, cross country is a great way to test your ability to handle a bike.

2. All Mountain Biking

All mountain biking is distinctly different from cross country because it is a much more thrilling experience. This form of biking is all about varied terrain and tough, challenging obstacles.

All mountain bikers ride through a mountain’s natural terrain, which largely leaves them at the mercy of nature. Some paths may be easier than others, but they are all going to be extremely difficult to navigate. Not only are they often cramped or winding, but they typically include steep drops and jumps.

This type of biking is a tough, challenging experience that requires advanced skill and control in addition to a good dose of courage. The trails are unpredictable, and they can often change or shift on a whim. For that reason, this is something that should only be attempted by the most experienced or seasoned bikers.

3. Downhill Biking

While the above two methods are focused on off-road trails and mountainous territory, downhill biking is all about speed.

Mountain biking is often focused on twists or curving bends, but this style is almost always done cutting straight down. Your goal here is to get down the mountain as possible. In fact, most downhill bikers don’t use a trail at all. Rather, they cut their own path to reach the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible. That makes it one of the most extreme styles around.

4. Dirt Jumping

The fourth type of mounting biking is dirt jumping which, as you may guess, is typically done in a dirt park rather than a mountain. Every park is different, but they are all filled with a series of jumps and ramps to prevent a challenge for anyone attempting to traverse the course.

Rather than speed or endurance, this form of biking is primarily about tricks. Most experienced riders focus on steep ramps and big jumps to get the most air, while newer bikers use smaller ramps to get acquainted with the style before attempting more daring courses.

5. Free Riding

If you do not want the restrictions of the above styles, there is always free riding. The discipline is similar to downhill, except it is focused on tricks rather than speed. This will take you over many varied mountain biking trails and give you a range of different riding areas to work with.

As the name implies, there are no set rules of guidelines here. Rather, this is for riders who want to explore their creativity and let their skill set take over. This is all about natural terrain, but sometimes special features, such as ladders and ramps, can be built into areas as well. If you want to get out there and test your skill against the mountain, this is the way to go.

Choosing the Best Trail Type for You

When asking yourself, “what mtb trails are near me?” you need to evaluate what type of biking you want to do. Some people prefer more extreme styles, while others want to take a much easier path. All modes are fun experiences in their own right, and they all appeal to different riding styles.

Don’t feel like you need to jump into an advanced or tough course. Do some research and blaze the paths that you are most comfortable with.

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